About Us


Our History


The Yoga Factory opened its doors in 2003 in historic Uptown Westerville. Originally serving as a factory in 1924, the beautiful building with its distinctive industrial windows has now come to serve the yoga and fitness needs of more than 500 students.

The Yoga Factory has over 12,000 sq feet of space for use by our yoga and pilates instructors, as well as personal trainers, licensed massage therapist, and registered dietitian -because at The Yoga & Fitness Factory, we are committed to to wellness.


The  Strength and Performance Center specializes in athletic training. Yoga classes are primary held in Studio A with private sessions offered in Studio B. All together, The Yoga and Fitness Factory has 13,000 square feet of space, housing passionate personal trainers, inspirational yoga instructors, a massage therapist, a registered dietitian, and compassionate support staff. 


Our Purpose
The Yoga & Fitness Factory seeks to provide yoga and fitness classes in a positive, life affirming, integrative way that awakens physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual awareness. In a warm and welcoming family atmosphere, our teachers, trainers and all support staff share their love of yoga, fitness, nutrition, and massage with each professional offering a unique perspective and interpretation to your needs. 

Our Team

We have a wide range of experts that are all bonded by our love of yoga, fitness, and sharing the inspiration of the practice. Our diverse array of trainers and staff ensures that we create a space where anyone can feel welcome and supported. We celebrate our kinship in The Yoga & Fitness Factory community and are also grateful for the diversity of personalities and training on our team.