Jenna Durban

Jenna Durban gradated in 2008 from Otterbein University with a BA in English. She used to be a yoga student during that time at The Yoga Factory and through the guidance of Mary went on to get certified in 2013 with Laurel Hodory & Faculty in Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga. The past 5 years she has been teaching 800 hours in Vinyasa style yoga. She enjoys using the Vinyasa style to create a challenging yet fluid rhythmtic practice. The breath becomes the guide throughout the flow and the movement reflects its guide. If asked, her favorite joy in teaching Yoga is having a profession that doesn’t require shoes. In her free time she enjoys spending time outdoors with her two young children, husband & dog.

Beth Fenton

Beth began using yoga to ease aches and pains of pregnancy.  She fell in love not only with the physical postures but the mental balance it gave her off the mat. She credits yoga for weigh loss and leading her to a healthier lifestyle.  She trained at UbU yoga studio where she earned her 200 hr RYT.  Throughout her yoga journey, Beth has enjoyed sharing her passion with friends and family.  Her 3 boys (1 teen and 2 in elementary school) loved trying new postures and practicing with her.  She quickly saw that they got as much out of the practice as she did.  The benefits her family saw from practicing yoga were huge. Beth began teaching teen and child classes as a way to encourage movement and mindfulness in kids.     


Beth has a passion for self exploration within the yoga practice.  She believes each body is unique and encourages her students to find their own comfort and boundaries without setting parameters on creating the "perfect posture".  She focuses on pranayama (breath) and balance postures to encourage a mind/body connection.  


Off the mat Beth is a stay at home mom to those 3 boys and supports her husband's IT security business.  They enjoy restoring their historic home, traveling and gardening.  Beth is very active in her church and her community.  

Liz Baldridge

Liz has been practicing Yoga on and off for over twenty years. Her first experience with Yoga was back in the 80’s through an awkward Raquel Welch VHS tape. Since then, feeling drawn by it’s magic, she has found herself always circling back to Yoga.


​After discovering Yin Yoga at a transformational Yoga festival, she decided she wanted to teach. Liz completed her Yin Yoga certification program through You Do Yoga in Cincinnati in the fall of 2015 and Graduated from the Yoga on High 200hr YTT program in December of 2016. She has since earned a 100hr EMBER(Mindfulness Based Emotional Resilience) Certification and is an iRest® Level 1 Teacher in Training. 


She is currently continuing her yoga education by working towards a 500hr YTT certification with a Trauma Sensitive/Therapeutic focus at Yoga on High. 


Liz specializes in Yin, Hatha, Chair and Restorative yoga classes. 


Liz was born and raised in Newark, Ohio. She currently lives in Westerville with her hunky fire fighter husband Eric and their monster cat Grendel. She’s worked for a local retailer for over 25 years and continues to grow as an HR Professional there. Liz loves to read, is a foodie, a traveler and loves long walks on the beach.

Her mantra… JUST TRY! 

Jill Roth

Jill discovered Essentrics® in 2006 and has been a certified Essentrics® instructor since September 2016. After a lifetime of involvement in physical activities from competitive swimming to body building, Jill was determined to find a practice that allowed her to remain mobile and pain-free and Essentrics® provided exactly that. 


Muscular and joint imbalances are brought on by overworking or stressing the body in daily repetitive motion, in addition to genetic components. As a certified Essentrics® instructor, Jill has learned to create custom workouts based on her clients’ physical needs, while integrating her personal touch through music to support the routines in a fun and enjoyable manner. Jill is committed to helping others restore balance, strength, flexibility and mobility throughout the body. 


In 2002, Jill became a Registered Dental Hygienist. As a clinician, she is all too familiar with body imbalances that can be created from repetitive motion on the job. She searched many different modalities to relieve the tension and pain and eventually found Essentrics®.  As a Body Awareness Coach, Jill has made it her mission to help others find the same relief and mobility that she has through the practice. She believes body awareness first takes place in the mind and that the body has the ability to heal itself if given the proper tools. Her ultimate vision is to create an ergonomic program to improve work posture and create longevity in the workplace, based on her knowledge of the body from Essentrics® and her experience in the dental field.


Jill lives in Westerville. In her “free” time, she raises 3 young boys and is the Box Tops coordinator at her boys' school, Whittier Elementary. She loves to read, write, play guitar and make people laugh!


For information on Jill as a Body Awareness Coach, visit

Betsy McGann

Betsy was introduced to yoga years ago through a class at OSU. As time passed, she reached a point in life where she needed a slight correction in course. 


"I was over-committed, focusing outward and getting caught up in the little, the petty, the unimportant. I wanted better and wanted to feel healthier. I knew the difference had to come from me." 


She longed to find a way to recapture the benefits she had gained from her first brush with yoga. At just the right time, she walked into a class at her local studio and never looked back.


Betsy loves yoga for the calm that it provides her; a way to soothe anxiety, feel better physically and focus on the now. For her, yoga is more than just time on the mat; it encompasses the way she interacts with the world around her. Furthermore, Betsy's family loves that she practices yoga because it makes her a nicer person! The kindness of the practice spreads to everyone around her. 


In 2016, after four years as an enthusiastic student, Betsy earned her RYT200 designation through Yoga Alliance after completing yoga teacher training at Yoga on High. As a lifelong student, she continues her education both on and off the mat, and hopes to do so for the rest of her life.


Betsy understands that yoga can truly be for every body and thrives teaching Hatha yoga classes with a slower pace, yet still challenging enough to allow for focus of the mind while outwardly focusing on alignment to prevent injury and absorb the benefits of each pose. Betsy's aim is to provide an atmosphere for students to discover or recover the "space" within themselves; space that allows for balance, calm, and coping. Her mantra is "Kindness matters" and that kindness begins with how we treat ourselves. 

Kathy Barber

After eight years as a certified Tai Chi instructor, Kathy wanted to combine Tai Chi with her love of yoga. The stretching and strengthening qualities of yoga mixed with the meditational flow of Tai Chi creates a peaceful and calm experience for her students. 

Kathy completed her RYT 200-Hour Certificate in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga in 2017. She also teaches Yoga for Flexibility and traditional Tai Chi classes. When she’s not in the studio, Kathy is a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and is also an avid fan of Stand-Up Paddleboard yoga. 

Megan Arnold

On the mat Megan teaches her students to search for their edge (mentally and physically) whether it be finding stillness in a fast racing mind, holding a posture a breath longer than before or surrendering to child’s pose instead of harboring distress.  Yoga is about a transformation that will not happen in 60 minutes.  It takes practice and consistency on the mat and even more practice off of the mat.  Megan’s classes offer an aura of energy, flow and space for growth and an opportunity to return again and again to experience a personal and ever-evolving practice. Off of the mat, Yoga is every breath, thought and reaction.  It should be taken everywhere and shared as if life depends on it, because at the end of the day, it is truly what life is about.  Love, unity and the celebration of life. 

Megan lives in Westerville with her husband, two young daughters and two cats. She is the Fitness/Wellness Program Supervisor for the City and is proud to reside in such a welcoming community.  In her free time she enjoys staying in Yoga or exercise clothes, spending time with her family and traveling as much as possible. She also thoroughly enjoys shopping at Target!

Jake Hays

Jake Hays' personal journey to yoga began as a weightlifter with a desire to increase his flexibility and strength. Not only did yoga significantly improve his athletic stamina, it brought him new-found peace, awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love. These values are the foundation of his teaching path, which he shares with his students, encouraging everyone to experience their own practice as a journey of discovery by tapping into the energy of radical self-acceptance. Jake’s extensive knowledge of body types has benefited the many athletes he teaches with purposeful modifications and adaptations.


Jake’s yoga teaching philosophy is influenced by his athletic background and his belief that yoga is for EVERY body, regardless of gender, size and physical limitations. Through his teaching, Jake invites men and women to fully experience yoga, including breath awareness, mindfulness and enhanced flexibility, to enhance their strength building. He welcomes every student with an open heart by fostering an atmosphere of respect, fun, and judgement-free self-discovery. Jake is dedicated to sharing his ongoing study of yoga, pranayama, reiki, meditation, and wellness modalities with all his students.


Together with Daniel Sernicola, Jake is the co-founder of embodyMEN™ Yoga, offering classes that integrate flexibility, balance, strength, and breath work to improve endurance, power, fitness, and focus for all ability levels. Their signature classes include Sekoia™ and Embodymen™ Yoga for Athletes.


Jake trained at Yoga on HIgh and received his RYT-200 through Yoga Alliance in 2014. He is also a Level II Reiki Practitioner and a certified Sekoia™ Yoga Teacher. Learn more about Jake and Embodymen™ Yoga by following him on Facebook.

Tonya Holdren

Tonya is a 200 hour RYT with multiple years of teaching experience. She has been practicing since her teenage years but developed a regular practice in her late 20’s. Her formal education in health and wellness inspired her to become a certified yoga instructor. Tonya’s goal is to offer her classes in layers so that each student has an opportunity to customize their own practice. 

Daniel Sernicola

Daniel Sernicola embarked on his personal yoga journey when he came to the simple realization that he couldn’t touch his toes. In an effort to regain flexibility lost through working out, he started practicing yoga and quickly realized its numerous benefits, extending beyond the physical. Daniel is delighted to announce that he now touches his toes regularly, and does so with a deep pranayama breath filled with great self-acceptance and gratitude.


Daniel believes yoga heals and nourishes and includes this knowledge in his teaching. His classes offer a heartfelt and eclectic mix of philosophy, asana, pranayama, meditation, reiki and a healthy dose of humor, designed to awaken healing and wellness. Daniel has worked with athletes for many years to improve and increase athletic performance from both a physical and mental perspective, and makes his classes approachable for all by providing modifications and adjustments for challenging poses.


As a result of his own passion for the physical, Daniel’s classes are playful and he encourages his students to view themselves through a lens that's free of judgement and full of love and self-acceptance, inviting them to experience their bliss both on and off the mat. Daniel combines the benefits of his yoga practice with his extensive weightlifting knowledge to help his students increase strength, power, and flexibility while focusing on alignment.


Daniel completed his teacher training in 2014 through Yoga on High and is an RYT-200 through Yoga Alliance. He is also a Level II Reiki Practitioner and certified Sekoia™ Yoga Teacher. Together with Jake Hays, Daniel is a co-founder of Embodymen™ Yoga for Athletes.


Daniel takes his yoga "on the road" and into the community, offering yoga and corporate mindfulness training to companies and organizations. He is passionate about bringing yoga and mindfulness to youth and teaches a program in the Columbus community for anti-bullying. His extensive studies in linguistics and conceptual expression have also led to his passion for Nonviolent Communication (NVC).


Learn more about Daniel and Embodymen™ Yoga by following him on Facebook.

Gwen Surratt

Gwen Surratt's yoga story begins in 1972 at a workshop on meditation and yoga. After returning home to Atlanta, GA; she practiced under the mentorship of Edie Wightwick; whom encouraged her to attend teacher training at The Sivananda Yoga Center in Val Morin, Canada. From there, she continued her studies in the Siddha Yoga path. 


In the 80's, Gwen studied with Alice Christensen at The Light of Yoga Society. During that time, Gwen became a licensed massage therapist and taught yoga part-time. Most recently, she continued her teacher training with Cathy Morse at The Yoga Factory, and Donna Winter at Balanced Yoga. Gwen's classes are vigorous and eclectic, but suitable for all levels and ages. 


She believes that the yoga practice enriches and enhances one's self, allowing the student to become who (and what) they would like to be. In addition to teaching yoga, Gwen is a fiber artist and enjoys the creative process.

Tammy Plaxico

Tammy Plaxico earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in dance from the University of Iowa (1994,1998).  Over the next couple of years she became certified in Pilates Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels, and Injury and Special Populations.  For five years she owned and operated BodyMind Balance Pilates Studio in Worcester, MA.


After relocating to Westerville in 2003, Tammy joined faculty of the Theater and Dance Department at Otterbein University. She also teaches at Ballet Met.


Her mornings and evenings are dedicated to her love of teaching movement arts. Afternoons are filled with the joys and challenges of homeschooling 3 children. Her oldest child is in the 2nd year of college already!


Tammy is looking forward to becoming more deeply connected to the wonderful people at The Yoga Factory.

Ellen Smith

Ellen is a lover of all things health and fitness related and comes to yoga by way of a gymnastics and sports medicine background.   What started as a practice to increase her flexibility and build strength, quickly became so much more.  She found the benefits of yoga transformed not only her body, but also provided incredible healing energy to her mind and spirit.  She received her RYT-200 in vinyasa and Reiki level 2 attunement from the Yoga On High teacher training program in 2016 and has continued her yoga education journey studying with Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor, Jason Crandall and David Keil.  Ellen geeks out when it comes to anatomy and body awareness and she loves to challenge students in an accessible, playful class atmosphere.   Her mantra is “we are all stronger than we think we are” and she strives to create a space where students can tap into both their inner and physical strengths.


Ellen lives in Blacklick and is currently living the dream…….yogi by day, personal chef by night.  She loves to commune with nature, have impromptu dance parties with her granddaughters, and spend time with family and friends.   

Christen Boyles

Christen's yoga journey began in college by accident. During a time of intense stress in school, she was seeing a therapist for anxiety and depression and was suffering from frequent panic attacks. She enrolled in a yoga class at The Ohio State University assuming it would be an "Easy A" amidst her otherwise heavy workload. After the first class, she realized that she had been able to quiet her mind and deepen her breath for the first time in a long time.


She knew there was something magical about this practice. After graduating, she left for 30 days to drive across the country by herself. She rolled out her yoga mat in 10 national parks along her journey and somewhere along the way decided she wanted to share this healing practice with others. She earned her RYT200 through the Yoga on High Teacher Training Institute in 2016 and has loved every minute of teaching since.

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