Whether you want to lose weight or improve general health, this 4 week program is for you. It focuses on the right foods to eat...forever. If you've tried other diets in the past you may have been left disappointed. This is not a quick fix but designed to help you tackle stubborn weight by addressing the Core contributors to weight gain and chronic disease and using the right foods to help heal the body and lose the weight. We focus on the right types of foods you should be eating and how to do it vs. a list of what you cannot have.

To the Core will tackle 2 main components: high insulin and inflammation, which both lead to weight gain and chronic disease. By following the Core Principles and sticking to the Core Foods, you will experience a new level of energy, digestive function, and wellness. This program is for everyone no matter what your goals for health.


Curious to know your Resting Metabolic Rate (how many calories you burn in a day)? This test will tell you what your specific body needs to achieve an optimal weight and wellness. We use an indirect calorimeter to measure your body’s Resting Metabolic Rate.

Services Offered:

- Metabolism Test + Interpretation
        -Metabolic test plus 30-minute appointment with dietitian for                      overview of results and interpretation of test.

- Metabolism Test + Consultation
       - Metabolic test plus a 90-minute consult with dietitian; best used as a           kickstart  to private nutrition counseling


Contact us to schedule your testing! 


Initial Consult: 90 minutes
A one-on- one meeting with dietitian to assess current nutritional status, health concerns,supplements, and meal patterns, and develop goals and behavioral change strategies to jump- start you on the path to successful dietary habits. We’ll create a nutrition plan specific to your needs, giving you direction for healthy living.
Couple or Partner counseling available, with the initial consult lasting 2 hours

Follow-up Appointments: 30-40 minutes
Designed to assess your progress, provide accountability and education, and to support you along your nutrition journey. Includes food log analysis, recipes and meal strategizing, goal setting, and finding innovative ways to ensure continued progress towards your goals.

Customized Meal Plan
A customized meal plan that includes 5 breakfasts, lunches, dinners, plus snack options that can be mixed and matched for several weeks of meals. The meal plan is tailored to your specific dietary requirements, food preferences, level of cooking skill/interest, and lifestyle, andprovides portion sizes appropriate for your health, wellness, and weight goals.

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