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Jan of 2017 I started the 28 day Kickstart program.  This program has changed me in a way I didn’t think would be possible.  I now love snacking on healthy foods where as before it was chips and cookies.  I still love my pizza and mexican food but now I can actually enjoy it.  It’s all about portion control.  I now have control of my cravings.  I enjoy strength training and cardio.  Because of this program I have lost weight and inches.  I am still currently doing this program and continue to lose weight.  This is my new life and I love it!!  All it takes is 28 days to improve your habits.

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The Kickstart program has been great for us, and has definitely set us on a much healthier path. The program itself has a structure that is relatively easy to understand and follow, with supporting materials that help with making the changes in both eating and exercise habits. The support and encouragement from Jud, Miguel and Laura was fantastic. They were always there to answer questions and give guidance from week to week.  Our expectations going into it were along the lines of 'well it's only 4 weeks so we'll try this and see if we can lose a few pounds', but the end result has been so much more.  We both lost, and continue to lose, more than a few pounds, and have had other benefits such as increased energy, improved overall health and even improved sleep.  The idea of "it's only 4 weeks" has turned into much more - - this is an approach to nutrition and exercise that we have fully adopted. 

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