Yoga is a system of exercise for physical and mental health, well-being, and personal development. All classes include movement, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve flexibility, strength, endurance, and mental clarity. The Yoga Factory offers beginning and foundational level classes as an introduction to the practice.

1 hour

Vinyasa classes move more quickly than Hatha classes, using flowing sequences to build heat, strength and endurance. Advanced arm balances and inversions may also be explored. Prior experience with Hatha or Vinyasa yoga required.

A variation on the classic Vinyasa class. The room is heated 85-90 degrees.

1 hour or 1 hour + 15 min.
1 hour or 1 hour + 15 min.
Hot Yasa
1 hour
Deep Stretch & Destress
1 hour
Yoga for Flexibility
Yoga for Athletes

Ongoing Weekly Classes

Vinyasa Yoga 

1 hour

Vinyasa classes move more quickly than hatha classes, using flowing sequences to build heat, strength and endurance. Advanced arm balances and inversions may also be explored.  Prior experience with Hatha or Vinyasa yoga recommended.


Hot Yasa - 85 -

Vinyasa Flow

Power Flow Vinyasa

1 hour

Essentrics® is a simultaneously strengthening and slenderizing/stretching full body fitness program. It is composed of everyday-type movements following circular patterns aimed at re-balancing and lubricating the muscles and joints.

Hatha Yoga

A combination of standing, seated and reclining poses designed to build strength, increase flexibility and improve mental focus. Inversions and arm-balancing poses may be explored in some classes.


1 hourThe perfect start for your core conditioning regimen. Fundamental Pilates emphasizes the basics of the practice with a focus on proper alignment of the skeletal system while strengthening the muscles around that system. Less intense than Continuing Pilates, Fundamental Pilates is ideal for those new to the practice or those who simply prefer a lower intensity workout. Space is limited to 10 students each week so advance sign up for each session is recommended

Deep Stretch & Destress

1 hour

An hour long class consisting of gentle yoga postures and movements designed to stretch the muscles, release tension and leave you feeling rested and restored.

A variation on the Vinyasa

class.  The room is heated

85-90 degrees.

Yoga for Flexibility

1 Hour

Whether you are an athlete or just a person wanting to gain more flexibility for day to day activities this class is for you. Gentle yoga postures & stretches will decrease your risk of injury, increase blood flow to the muscles, improve postural misalignments and reduce stress.

Hatha + Meditation
1 Hour
Through the gentle movement of poses and the stillness of seated meditation, this class is designed to strengthen and open the body, as well as increase mental focus. You will explore standing, seated, and reclining postures with a designated time for a relaxing meditation.


1 hour

Yin Yoga is the slow moving, nourishing complement to the fast and fiery yang of Power Yoga. Instead of vinyasas, balances and core work, deep stretches are held for up to 5 minutes with the aim of finding release in the body. Either seated or lying down, enjoy deeply healing poses. As tension is released, observe improved energy flow throughout the body. Wear cosy and comfy clothing, and float out of class with a new sense of calm.

Series Classes & Special Events

1 hour + 30 min.
Restorative Yoga

Soothing, well-supported seated and reclined poses held for several minutes, allowing the body to fully relax and release tension. Suitable for all levels; no prior yoga experience required.

NOTE: Pre-registration for this class is required. Click here for more information & class dates

2 hours
5/19  12:00 - 2:00
Beginners Workshop

New to yoga, or just revisiting the foundations? Then this beginner's workshop is for you. Come and join us to discover that you can have a beautiful and brilliant yoga practice even if your body isn’t bendy. We will gently explore how to mindfully meet ourselves on the mat with kind, open, awareness; breathing techniques that help in our practice and beyond; the foundations of safe alignment for healthy, happy joints; modifications that enable us to celebrate our bodies’ differences; and finally we will nourish ourselves with a lovely, deep relaxation.


 Click here for more information & class dates

Hot Yasa

1 hour



  • Single Drop-In class = $15

  • High School/College 2 class = $20

  • New Student 5-Class Package = $50 (New Students only; one per person)

  • 10-Class Pass = $130 (yoga, fitness & Pilates)

  • One-Month Unlimited Yoga & Pilates = $80

  • Three-Month Unlimited Yoga & Pilates = $220

  • Six-Month Unlimited Yoga & Pilates = $400

  • One-Year Unlimited Yoga & Pilates = $700

Our weekly class schedule can be found on Mind Body Online.


We have three yoga rooms. Most classes are held in the larger room (Studio A) and advance registration for these classes is not required. 


A few of our classes are held in the smaller room (Studios B and C). Because of its size, class size is limited and we strongly recommend signing up in advance for these classes. There is a notation on the schedule (Studio B and C - advance sign up recommended) next to classes held in that room.  Walk-ins are accommodated on a space available basis.


5-class packages expire 3 months from activation (first class attended)

10-class packages expire 6 months from activation (first class attended)

Any unused classes will be forfeited.

View our class schedule on Mind Body Online

If you are new to the factory, Download and complete our                                     form and bring it with you on your first visit.

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