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Jud Beachler

Personal Trainer


I am co-owner of The Yoga and Fitness Factory with my wife, Deborah, and manager over personal training. After opening in May of 2005, our Fitness Factory has gone from 650 Sq Ft to over 6000 Sq Ft in 2014. Finally we added another 3000 Sq Ft in 2018 with 4000 Sq Ft of AstroTurf for functional training and the rest loaded with equipment to train our clients with cutting edge training methods. Having trained clients of all shapes and sizes for over 25 years, I am proud of what we have to offer here at The Factory. ​ If you have any questions about our facility or about who would be the best fit for your fitness journey please, feel free to contact me—I look forward to hearing from you!

Bobbie Kuhns

Personal Trainer


Bobbie Kuhns feels fortunate and lucky her lifetime love for fitness has turned into a full time career. Bobbie is a certified personal trainer, Group Fitness and Pilates Instructor. She feels that it is important to create an environment to educate and inspire people on fitness and health, while having fun.


Bobbie Kuhns has always been interested in fitness. She grew up playing volleyball and basketball. She attended The University of Northern Colorado, where she studied Business and Accounting. Bobbie enjoyed participating in group fitness classes and decided to become a certified fitness instructor.

Bobbie has always had a passion to help others reach their goals. She struggled herself to lose 25 pounds after gaining 65 pounds with her first baby. It was through this struggle, Bobbie learned the importance of feeding her body correctly. Eighty percent of what you feed your body will give results, and 20% is what you do with it. Bobbie decided to become a personal trainer and a Health and Wellness Coach. She has helped hundreds f people over the years reach their goals.

Bobbie offers one-on-one and group coaching. She leads weight loss challenges, which is used to help educate and provide a friendly accountability atmosphere. Her mission in life is to educate, inspire and motivate others into a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Bobbie is also a Strength and Conditioning Coach for Westerville Central Girls, Basketball and Advancement Academy Volleyball Club. 

She embraces the opportunity to help hundreds of young athletes become stronger, more competitive and confident both on and off the court. Bobbie has certifications through  National Academy Sports Medicine (NASM), PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist), CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist) Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Personal Trainer and Indoor Cycling, National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) Group Fitness and Kick Boxing, Spinning, Turbo Kick, Bender Ball, Power Pilates Mat Instructor, POUND and TRX. 


Elizabeth English

Elizabeth is a Certified Personal Trainer with a degree in Exercise Physiology from The University of Kansas, Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Her love for fitness started at a very young age, participating in basketball, volleyball, running and gymnastics. Being involved in sports and going to the gym with her dad inspired her to work towards a Health Science Degree in College. 

Health and Fitness Coaching is the most rewarding career and provides a new challenge everyday. He is personally active in Half and Full Marathons, Yoga and a yearly 180 mile rider of Pelotonia.


Elizabeth enjoys working with individuals who come together to get the work done with  no-excuses attitude. It doesn’t matter if you show up to walk a mile, do a short circuit or a high intensity interval workout, all that matters is that you show up with a smile on your face. She works with a variety of clients ranging from weight loss, sports performance, post rehab and overall health and toning. There are many clients that come for the social aspect, which is so fun. In 16 years of training in Columbus, Elizabeth has been blessed with the best community of clients, many of them still with her to this day. Community is such a large part of fitness!



Personal Trainer

Elizabeth can also be found teaching Group Fitness and Yoga around town as well as taking all kinds of classes and working out outside. She also has a healthy food prep service that she provides for clients and others in the community. It is so important to practice what you preach, plus, she can’t imagine a day without physical activity. She and her husband have been residents of Westerville for 7 years. They absolutely love calling this community home. In their free time, they enjoy traveling and spending time with their sweet new rescue pup Smudge.

Meredith Doellman


Meredith has taken a unique path to her career as a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  She has been engaged in physical activity from a young age, eventually narrowing her focus on soccer.  Soccer was her bridge to a college scholarship at Xavier University which gained her access to compete amongst top collegiate athletes, be trained by a handful of elite coaches with varying styles, and which led her to meet and marry her husband of 14 years who is a professional athlete in Europe.

Living abroad for 12 years opened a door to unimaginable opportunities that have shaped and molded her training methods, strategies, and techniques.  She played 4 years as a semi pro, was a performance trainer for professional and amateur athletes, and also trained an incredibly diverse group of individuals during her time in Europe including Latin Pop star Shakira. 

Personal Trainer

Meredith has been one of Shakira’s personal trainers and nutritionists on and off over the last two years and continues to enjoy a unique exposure to a variety of clients. Her passion and desire is to unify people through physical activity and create an encouraging, energizing atmosphere to kickstart or maintain an active way of life and make healthy, sustainable life changes. 

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Andy Berger


Andy is the owner of NuFit Wellness. Together with his wife Laura Berger, Registered Dietitian, they help people reach their goals through Fitness and Nutrition. With 18 years experience as a personal trainer, Andy has worked with a broad spectrum of clients from weight loss to strength gain, aging populations to athletes. What sets Andy apart from the vast sea of trainers is his passion to help people and his ability to meet them where they are. He sees the potential in his clients that oftentimes even they can’t. After helping clients lose over 100lbs, rid themselves of chronic disease, get off medications, eliminate chronic pain and discomfort, increase strength and rehab injuries, he wholeheartedly believes that any client can achieve what they put their mind to. 

Andy grew up in the Columbus area and devoted much of his life to gymnastics (which helped inspire his love for training!). He attended Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio to receive his Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science. He then went on to become a Certified Strength and Condition Specialist through NSCA. 

Personal Trainer

He loves spending time with his wonderful wife, Laura, their beautiful daughters, Evelyn and Adeline, and their fun-loving boxer named Libby. You will find him outdoors either in my vegetable garden, hiking, camping, jogging, biking, or doing anything active. He practices what he preaches by exercising regularly and eating healthfully. 

His services include individual personal training, small group personal training, and virtual training. 

Laura Berger, MS, RDN, LD, ACSM EP-C

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Certified Dietitian


"I specializes in weight loss as well as holistic and functional medicine nutrition. I aim to find the root cause and use food, nutrition, and supplements to help patients achieve optimal wellness. I believe nutrition has the power relieve or reverse chronic ailments, and I love helping patients achieve optimal wellness through lifestyle change. Contact me to get more information on how I can help you in your healthy lifestyle journey!"

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Kasey Schicks

Personal Trainer

Licensed Massage Therapist


It was her own quest to lose weight that sparked Kasey’s interest and passion for fitness. After giving birth to her two kids, she realized that she was overweight and constantly tired. She started with Pilates videos at home then began working out consistently, as she started to see improvements in her body.


Kasey took her passion for fitness and made a career for herself.nHer extensive knowledge of the body and muscle groups enables her o dapt her training for students with a wide range of mobility, flexibility, endurance and strength. However, she most enjoys working with people who have little or no current exercise regimen. Kasey can always be counted on for a cheerful smile, encouraging attitude and great playlist of music!

She offers small group and one-on-one training at The Yoga Fitness Factory. She taylors each workout to her client’s needs and goals, focusing on areas such as strengthening, maintenance, endurance,mobility, weight loss or rehab.


Kasey is Dual Licensed in Massage Therapy and has been in practice since 2007. Her massage services include deep tissue, trigger point, sports massage, Swedish, Relaxation, Lymphatic and Post-Surgery Lipo Massage.


During her free time, Kasey enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids, and staying involved in church and volunteer activities. Kasey enjoys continuing her fitness journey through boxing, crossfit and running at the local, Sharon Woods Metro Park.

Vince Colatruglio

Personal Trainer
Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant


Vince’s path to improved health and wellness was reborn after he grew to 250 lbs at the age of 21. After making some changes to his lifestyle, fitness became an important part of his life and has been ever since. Vince has always wanted help others, working as a Firefighter/EMT for two years before going to school to become a PTA in 2013. Vince attended Marion Technical College where he graduated with his Associate of Applied Science in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program. 


Vince worked as a full time PTA in the outpatient physical therapy setting for six years prior to going private with his training and starting his own business year and a half ago. He’s been a personal trainer/PTA for seven years now and has worked with a variety of patients following discharge from physical therapy services to continue to improve their overall functionality. Vince has worked with clients dealing with an array of neurological disorders and orthopedic injuries such as Parkinsons, Multiple sclerosis, previous stroke/hemiplegia/hemiparesis, spinal cord injuries, scoliosis, lumbar radiculopathy, shoulder and knee injuries, and many more. 


Vince prefers to see clients one on one to improve communication between client and trainer and provide his undivided attention to his clients, but does have a few group training classes Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. During the assessment, Vince takes an in depth look at each clients individual movement via an FMS (Functional Movement Systems) movement screen as well a detailed dive into each clients past injuries and current ailments. Each client’s path/progression will be different based on the assessment, but he provides detailed information on what he’s assessing, what he sees, and how to address each need. Each clients program is tailored to their specific goals, with the addition of what’s found in the assessment and what might be needed from a strength/stability/mobility perspective. 

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Evan Beachler

Personal Trainer


“Challenge” is not an unfamiliar term to Evan. He has dealt with adversity since birth, as he had to vie for survival against his three quadruplet sisters. Born and raised as a proud Westerville local in a loving family, Evan was introduced to fitness at a young age, through sports teams and his former-Marine/ police officer father training him in the finer art of physical fitness.

His passion only increased (whether through force or interest) as he entered college. At The Ohio State University, Evan joined the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps, waking up zero-dark-early in the morning for cold workouts and then performing group specialized-fitness sessions in the afternoon with other candidates. Upon graduation and commissioning, he went off to serve across the world. When leaving the Army, he continued serving as a wildland firefighter, EMT, teacher, and Operating Room Assistant. He finally came to the realization that fitness can be a passion AND career.

Through the Army’s constant focus on improving Soldier’s performance and health, he is no stranger to planning and leading fitness sessions. While stationed at Fort Bragg, he was selected to become a certified coach in the Army’s developing SPARTA program, combining physical fitness and physical therapy into a program that helped rehabilitate recovering Special Forces operators and Paratroopers. This has also helped him learn how to incorporate performance metrics into physical training, using data- driven guidance that is tailored towards each individual’s goals.

Evan’s history has brought a varied experience towards his training style, having performed in not only military-style training, but also Cross-training, HIIT, Strength-and- Conditioning, resistance band training and ultra-endurance running. He is an avid and lifelong student of the industry and continues to enjoy learning from the professionals. Some of these professionals include Mark Twight, Jeff Caviliere, Jeff Nippard, Mark McIlyar, Gary Walker, and of course the truly professional team at The Yoga and Fitness Factory. At the end of the day, his goal is simply to promote a healthier lifestyle and lifelong, functional fitness.

Austin Curbow

Personal Trainer


Austin is a ACSM certified personal trainer who has made fitness and health his career. He attended Otterbein University where he obtained a Masters in Allied Health. While attending, he ran track and excelled as a 3 time All-American. This developed a passion for training athletes of all types. Once completing his studies, he went on to coach Otterbein’s Track and Field team, specializing in sprints, hurdles, and strength conditioning. Helping athletes reach their full potential in and out of the sport has aided Austin as a personal trainer for all styles and ages of clients.

Austin has been training one-on-one and small group classes for the past 12 years and is extremely excited about the opportunities training at The Yoga Factory will bring to further broaden the population he can work with. Beyond just physical fitness, Austin is happy to chat about any other questions you might have that would help you reach your personal fitness goals. It is important to look at health and wellness from all angles and having open, therapeutic communication with your trainer is no exception. Austin prides himself in being approachable and flexible with his clients.

Austin lives in Westerville with his soon-to-be wife, Taylor, where they own a home that they have enjoyed renovating. They have two dogs- a Husky, Aspen and a Bernese Mountain Dog, River who keep them plenty active! If you ever see Austin around don’t hesitate to come say hi!

Bill Williams

Personal Trainer

Head Shot 3.jpg

Bill is a TPI Golf Fitness Instructor and NASM Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist. He works with athletes of all ages to maximize power, improve movement efficiency and decrease risk of injury to enable a sustained high level of play for many years. Bill specializes in training athletes in a variety of sports including golf, tennis, hockey, swimming, baseball, softball and running with cutting edge strength and conditioning programs that help clients reach their peak performance levels.

Bill also works extensively with active adult populations seeking to gain mobility and strength for improved quality of life, whether it be pain relief, increasing mobility, or improved performance.

Bill has additional certifications from NASM as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Certified Nutrition Coach, and from FMS as a Functional Movement Specialist.  He has expertise in helping clients of all ages to achieve optimal body alignment and biomechanics and nutrition to address movement compensation and imbalances to improve the overall quality of movement during sports and everyday life.

Bill is a TPI Golf Fitness Specialist and personal trainer at New Albany Country Club.  His background is in endurance sports, and is an avid runner, cyclist and Ironman triathlete and is a former USAT All-World Triathlete.

Shannon Adcock

Personal Trainer


Shannon is a NPTI and ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Behavior Change Specialist with over 10 years of experience.   Her love of health and wellness grew from her own journey of self-discovery.  Overcoming an eating disorder and depression at a young age, and working through multiple injuries from her time in the military, she took her experience and knowledge and turned it into a career she absolutely loves, helping people become the best version of themselves.  After working with clients for several years and going through 2 pregnancy and post partum journeys, she really enjoys working with Moms who find life too busy to fit in time for themselves and showing them that it can be done!


She has worked with a variety of clientele for weight loss, strength training, flexibility and mobility, post rehab and behavior change.  She loves helping clients develop sustainable habits and build confidence through her training.  All that matters is that you show up to do the work.  Her energy and drive is what sets the tone and has her clients enjoying the journey to their goals!


Shannon lives here in Westerville with her husband and 2 amazing children.  Outside of the gym, you can find her spending time with her family on their boat in the summers, being outside, trying new recipes, baking sourdough, and doing anything to stay active!  As the owner of ‘Balanced FIT’ it is important to her that she practices ‘balance’ in her life and teaches her clients the same strategies that she lives each day.  Shannon offers 1:1 Coaching and Small Group Coaching.

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