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I have been to many yoga studios in the Columbus area and The Yoga Factory is the place where I feel the most comfortable and continue to feel challenged every week. The atmosphere is very laid back, friendly, and welcoming. My favorite class is Vinyasa on Sunday mornings, but I have also practiced & enjoyed Hatha & Yogasu at the Factory. While every instructor has their own unique style of teaching I have always had a positive experience with every instructor there.

I think what sets this studio apart is the extremely unpretentious, open & inviting atmosphere. As an example (not that I am advocationg being late to class) if you happen to arrive a little late you are still welcomed into the class to join in where ever they happen to be in practice.


Questions are welcomed and tailoring your practice to your own personal needs is encouraged & facilitated. Prices are very reasonable - you can purchase class packages or individual classes. I would love it if there were more evening classes that started after 7:30 during the week (but I realize my work schedule is probably not the norm).

I feel very fotunate to have discovered this studio and its wonderful teachers!

Rebecca Z

I was so excited to discover The Yoga Factory, just a few steps away from Uptown Westerville. The moment I walked in the door I felt a sense of calm--from the perfect ambience to the friendly instructors--so my practice started before I even stepped onto the mat. I go there a lot now and it still feels that way.

The studio offers many classes throughout the week. One of the things I love is that I can usually find a class for whenever I find room in my schedule. Plus, you pay for individual classes or buy a pass, but you don't have to sign up for certain class times. 

I've taken classes (Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga) with 3 different instructors and have enjoyed them all. They provide the guidance, support, and correction I haven't gotten at other studios. I've also noticed how they help each student with their own individual practice--suggesting modifications or more challenging poses based on where the student is.

While I'd drive across the city for The Yoga Factory, I feel lucky to have such a great studio so close by.

Karen S

I had wanted to try yoga and came across a Living Social voucher for The Yoga Factory. This purchase completely changed my life!  

First of all, this space is amazing. The atmosphere they created is beyond anything I could ever imagine. It is a small, factory space and it is filled with lots of natural light, colors, and scents. When you enter the yoga studio, your bare feet sink into the rubber floor beneath. The green and cream walls create a sense of calm as they are easy on the eyes. I also love the Christmas lights they have placed along the windows. At dusk and when it's dark, the lights feel very peaceful. 

They also offer a range of classes for those without any experience to advanced. Restorative and Stretch & Refresh are available for anyone--no experience necessary. They offer a 4-week Beginners Series which will allow you to take Hatha and Vinyasa classes.  

I first tried the Restorative class and absolutely fell in love. It's the best way to de-stress on Friday evenings. Karen is amazing! She seems to know and understand the human body very well. I cannot recommend this class enough. It should be a life requirement! Karen also taught the beginners series I attended.


Following this series I tried some Hatha classes and really like them too.  All of the guides want you to feel comfortable with each pose and series. 

Everyone here has been welcoming and friendly. I recently brought my husband with me to a Restorative class so he can see why I love coming and I should be getting a $5 referral discount on my next package soon! He enjoyed it enough that he would like to come again. 

So, yes, I highly recommend The Yoga Factory! 

Danielle S

"The Yoga Factory has been awesome in helping me maintain my flexibility. I have an active fitness routine; running, biking, swimming, kayaking; and maintaining my flexibility as I age has helped minimize injuries. The class I attend is low key, fun and engaging. I had taken yoga courses in the past in Toledo so founding The Yoga Factory built on my past experiences."

Paul Longnecker

I have been practicing yoga for ten years now, seven of which have been at the Yoga Factory. I was motivated to try the Yoga Factory on the advice of a teacher I knew from the Central YMCA. I like the spaciousness of class room and summer sessions with the windows open for a natural feel to my practice and the cheerful attitude of the other yogis. Yoga has improved my balance and strength and of course flexibility. There are all skill levels at the Factory but no one need feel awkward as experienced yogis  very much practice "within themselves" and calling attention to anyone's practice would abrogate ahimsa; one of the foundational restraints of yoga.

Gary Wood

I started yoga at The Yoga Factory almost five years ago. I didn't have an exercise routine and knew I needed something to keep me moving. Through yoga, I have improved physically and emotionally. My strength and flexibility have increased, and I've gained strategies to help me deal with stress.  I have taken classes with several of the teachers—Mary, Gwen, Kelly, Betsy, Elaine—all are wonderful teachers---very knowledgeable, friendly and caring.  Within the last two years, I’ve had two total knee replacements… has been essential to my post-surgery rehabilitation and maintaining range of motion and strength. I love how I feel after a class and miss yoga if I don’t practice on a regular basis.

Kathy Waite

The Yoga Factory of Westerville is a wonderful environment for the beginner and seasoned yogi alike; truly a community atmosphere for all. TYF Instructors treat each person as individuals in helping them on their fitness and wellness journey.

Mary Foliano

The Yoga Factory is my happy place. The second I walk in the door my whole body starts to relax. I always know there will be a smiling face to greet me and ask how I’m doing. If I don’t know the teacher, he or she will always come up to me and introduce themselves. You can tell the teachers are really there for you—they want to make sure you have a good experience with each class. I got that vibe the first time I walked in the building 7 years ago, and still feel that way each day I’m there now.

Karen Scholl
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